Asia’s Global Financial Centre – Hong Kong in the 21st century

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he Global Financial Centres Index ranks Hong Kong as third behind New York and London, an extraordinary achievement for a city that has throughout its history performed beyond the expectations of all observers. This position indicates a deep resilience in Hong Kong business and amongst its people, who seem to thrive on challenges and become even more successful.

The Asia Scotland Institute will host a panel from the HK Financial Services Development Council to discuss Hong Kong as a global financial centre, with perceptions of the city as a business centre from a panel of senior business leaders in the financial services sector. The panel members will talk about how they consider Hong Kong as a financial centre, with reference to key aspects of the competitiveness of the city as a global financial centre including current challenges to their operation in Hong Kong (e.g. cost, regulations, taxation, etc.), future development (e.g. key factors affecting Hong Kong’s role as the operating hub of choice), the impact of the Greater Bay Area on Hong Kong, and the direction of development in relation to ESG and FinTech in Hong Kong.

The panel members have enormous insight into Hong Kong and its role as an international financial centre.

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