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Article Submission Guidelines

The Asia Scotland Institute welcomes submission of articles for publication by the Institute. Publication is via the Institute’s website, which will be promoted via the Institute’s social media channels as well as weekly newsletter.

Articles can be about any geographical part of Asia and focussed on one of the core focus areas of the Institute, which are business, economics, politics, and the arts. Submissions can give an opinion of an issue, or an objective analysis, or both. Articles should not be in technical or legalistic language, but clear accessible prose that our followers will enjoy reading.

The Asia Scotland Institute has over 5,000 followers who attend our events, read our newsletter and Internet publications. They are well-informed, intelligent and seek incisive views about Asia. They are people from business, government, education, as well as the arts. Although some are specialists in certain areas, most would like to read clear and well written views about Asia.

Submissions in two categories are welcome:

Student op-eds – This category is for current students to publish op-ed style articles. These can be commentary on Asian business, economic or political events, reflections on cultural trends, or personal essays reflecting on Asia. The articles should be no longer than 1,200 words, but longer will be accepted if the quality of the writing indicates that it will generate reader interest.

Practitioner analysis – This category is for professionals to publish articles that relate to their specific area of expertise. The articles can be focused either on contemporary issues or historical and longer term analysis. The articles should be no longer than 2,000 words, but longer will be accepted if the quality of the writing indicates that it will generate reader interest.

The Asia Scotland Institute considers all submissions on the strict condition that they have been submitted only to the Asia Scotland Institute, that they have not been published already, nor are they under consideration for publication or in press elsewhere. 

Submissions should be in the following format:

    • Typed in font size 12, accessible in MS Word format. Pages should be paginated.
    • The title should be in bold as the first line of the document.
    • References can be included if the author thinks necessary in the format of Endnotes which should be indicated in the text by superscript 1, 2, 3, etc. at the end of the relevant sentence and listed at the end of the paper in numerical order.  Plagiarism should be strictly avoided. 
    • All submissions should include a separate document containing a brief biography of no more than 150 words. Students should include details of their academic institution, course being studied, and expected graduation date. Practitioners should include details of their current position and if appropriate details of prior professional roles.

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