China and the Credit Crisis

Event Description

CHINA: a country that conjures up different things to different people. For some, an ancient civilization that dominated East Asia for thousands of years and a huge and growing market which compels attention from businesses around the world. For others, a malevolent, ever-surveillant, Communist-controlled society set on world domination, and to be avoided.

The question which arises for all in Western countries is how to deal with China. This is an issue which is being hotly debated both in Whitehall and in Governments beyond.

Topics Covered

  • China’s emergence as a huge source of cheaper supply placed downward pressure on global manufactured goods prices, creating disinflation which led to much lower interest rates. In turn, this stimulated the “search for yield” which focused on real estate, destabilising the financial markets in 2008.
  • China’s decision after the 2008 crash to follow its own path, not America.
  • China’s impact on the rest of the world will be large and long-lasting.

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