How Shinzo Abe Changed Japan Forever

Event Description

Asia Scotland Institute hosts a seminar addressing Shinzo Abe’s remarkable legacy for Japan and the World.

This was a great opportunity to pay tribute to the longest-serving prime minister in modern Japanese history following his tragic assassination earlier this year and also to delve into his profound and complex legacy.

A distinguished panel of experts across three continents identify which of Abe’s achievements are most likely to endure and discusses the implications for Japan and its overseas partners over the next decade and beyond.

Topics Covered

  • The impact of Abe’s trade agreements (TPCCP, EU-Japan EPA, UK-Japan CEPA)

  • How Abe’s trade liberalism impact had on the slowing pace of globalization

  • What next for the US-Japan alliance and the role of FOIP and the Quad?

  • The impact of Abe’s efforts to shape Japan’s role in Asia

  • Which of Abe’s domestic achievements will endure?

  • Which of Abe’s promises have yet to be unfulfilled?

  • How strong are the domestic opponents of Abe legacy?

  • The key constraints for Japan and how can they be overcome

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