Trading with China in the Post-Covid World – the Opportunities & Challenges

Trading with China in the Post-Covid World

Event Description

Our panel of speakers explore the fact that as the western world gradually emerges from covid although with persistent problems, simultaneously trade protectionism, geopolitical conflicts and de-globalisation continue with the world economy and the international trade systems under severe pressure.

With the war in Ukraine dominating the media and foreign policy, its consequences include threats to world food supply and rising energy costs.

Many analysts are turning to China where a persistent zero-covid policy has maintained a chokehold on its major economic zones. The questions arise of ‘how easy is it to do business in China?’ and ‘have China’s major trading partners changed during the pandemic?’ Both domestic and foreign businesses are having to adapt to the ever-changing rules of the game both from the government and demand from consumers. Once more the push to complete the energy transition on time is creating opportunities and challenges across sectors and national boundaries.

Whilst there has been some recent relaxation of covid restrictions, uncertainty remains about China’s zero covid policy. Businesses across China have been reminded of the government’s overarching position that can spread uncertainty, as seen with the CCP’s investigation into DiDi Chuxing. Upon the conclusion of the investigation, DiDi’s share price rose significantly, demonstrating investors’ sensitivity to government action.

The west has been thrust into an energy crisis, but China’s future direction is still emerging. China has made notable progress in its energy transition, although still heavily reliant on coal.

Topics Covered

  • China’s current direction in terms of ease of doing business both domestically and internationally
  • Zero Covid policy
  • Carbon neutrality and the energy transition

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