Why the pandemic has exposed the weakness of the West and how to fix it

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Eurasia is an increasingly important area of the world as China expands its economic and political influence through the Belt and Road Initiative, whilst Russia wages war as it fails economically. In Western countries populism and identity politics polarise our populations, hindering intellectual creativity to find solutions for post-industrial growth and well-being in our societies. The Russian invasion of Ukraine has thrown Europe into crisis with around 12 million refugees from Ukraine, and also had an impact on the global economy as well as political relations in Asia have been more tense with speculation that the People’s Republic of China could be emboldened to take military action against Taiwan.

This highly complex situation is discussed with Fiona Hill, one of the most experienced thinkers who can comment on the social, economic and political problems facing the world at the moment. Fiona Hill is a senior fellow in the Center on the United States and Europe in the Foreign Policy program at Brookings.

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