Alex Humphreys

Head of Programming and Operations


Alex joined Asia Scotland in October 2018. Alex received his Undergraduate from Edinburgh Napier University studying Business with Entrepreneurship. He spent the majority of his third year in Hong Kong on work placement, which is how he came across the Asia Scotland Institute. Alex is now studying a Masters at the University of Edinburgh in International Business and Emerging Markets.

Having grown up in the UK he traveled from an early age to many different countries, including Asia and has been introduced to different cultures and ways of thinking. His travels in Asia have helped him understand the differences between the European and Asian markets. He believes understanding the different cultural values is the key to allowing the two markets to develop good relations. Alex is a keen sportsman playing at a senior level in hockey which he also coaches. From his sporting background, he strongly believes working as a team is the way forward for the best results as there has to be clear communication, rapport, respect and understanding between all to gain a positive result, he hopes to bring these skills to Asia Scotland Institute and widen its reach.